Dance Momma Drama!

The ups and downs and misadventures of a crazy dance mom

Dancing is wonderful training for girls, it’s the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it. ~Christopher Morley, Kitty Foyle August 23, 2011

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Oh, the Drama!  This blog has moved to it’s new home, as of today.  Being a “dance mom” has been my reality long before Lifetime decided to grace us all with the psychos of Pennsylvania with their fearless leader, Abby Lee Miller.  The fierce competition, hours of waiting back stage, layers of makeup that make you want to grab a dipstick to make sure the girls aren’t a “quart low” before they go onstage…I’ve lived it for years.

My dancer has now graduated to a whole new level…ballroom.  Ballroom is a style that most washed up ballet dancers move on to at 18 because they realize that there is no where else to go.  There is a natural progression between ballet and ballroom that is intriguing for these girls.  Mine just has gotten a head start, entering this new sub-culture at the tender age of eight.

Halfway through nine, she is six years into dancing.  Ballet, jazz, tap, musical theater…we’ve been there.  Her love of the balloroom started almost two years ago at her “regular” dance studio, began taking a ballroom medly class, and decided to move to private lessons.  Holy smokes were they expensive for what we were getting.  We soon discovered Arthur Murray dance studio in “the big city” and jumped right on that train.

A year has nearly passed since she has been learning here.  She is simply the belle of the ball, the little engine that could. A little nine year old powerhouse on the dance floor, the only child among thirty adults most nights.

So why the drama?  Oh there is plenty.  The costumes, makeup, false eyelashes, partner heights, heels coming loose, brushing out the shoes…magnified by a nine yar old drama queen.  And lucky you, folks, you chose to visit my world and learn all about it.

This is a whole new learning experience for me.  The terminology is totally different, the levels, everything!

Here we go!


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