Dance Momma Drama!

The ups and downs and misadventures of a crazy dance mom

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. ~Japanese Proverb August 24, 2011

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One thing I have learned is that people take their children’s activities way too seriously.  Some of these crazy parents act like Julliard scouts are out prowling the halls of the dance studios.  Screaming at the kids when they miss a step for the recital, bad-mouthing the other dance moms, threatening to take away play time if the kids don’t make the dance team.  Whew!  It’s exhausting!  And I’m not just referring to “Dance Moms” on Lifetime.  This stuff actually happens!

The ballroom thing is completely foreign to me.  The nine year old is the boss with this one, as is her instructer.  They are in charge of letting me know what shoes, outfits, and other gear she needs.  I watch and just nod and smile when she talks about lock steps in the Cha Cha and arm positioning.  The funny part?  She is actually very good.  It helpss her love it.  Which is unfortunate because it is SO expensive.  However, it is what she loves, and its not like she is smoking crack, so I will support the habit however long I am able to.

In addition to my misadventures in dating (if you were a follower of,) you all are about to learn about my journey as a “dance mom” and the misadventures I have experienced in being so.  Enjoy reading about all the crazies!!!


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