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Breakfast Gossip August 28, 2011

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Breakfast with friends is the best.  Breakfast with gossip on the side is even
better.  There has been a good bit of
gossip going around as of late regarding a studio in town closing.  My firneds daughter, the Tapper, and mine go
way back, dancing together since they were three.  We have lived through our share of dance
momma drama together and have lived to tell the tales.

The studio in question had some serious problems from the
get go.  Our daughters enrolled there
during their second year in business, and continued on until twon years ago,
until we wisened up and switched studios.
Why did we switch?  Unfair and preferential
treatment in the studio that made us feel as if we were just another paycheck
and our kids didn’t matter.  One of the
first rules of good business:  Treat
others as you would want to be treated.

I’m not saying our girls are strong in ballet, or jazz, or
tap, or any of the other classes they were taking.  Between the two of us though, the studio was
milking us for around 500 a month.  Our
kids took a lot of classes.  Year after
year, they were held back in “Ballet II.”
This is fine if they belong there, but they didn’t.  Truthfully.
When it was time to move on up to “Ballet III,” our girls were bypassed,
and newly enrolled kids who couldn’t discern position one from a plié were
moved into the higher levels.  So what
did we do?  We took our monthly payment
to another studio.  One that  nickels and dimes you for every red cent, but
treated our kids failry nonetheless.

We had the misfortune to
see this studio at competition last year.  Your girls were in a musical theater routine
together.  This particular school (the
opposition) boasted an amazing team of young students who in all honesty, very
talented.  They of course, beat us, and I
had the luck to run into LuLu’s old teacher the next week at the Mexican
restaurant in town, half lit and slurring, telling me how well our girls did.  Whatever, you just miss my money.

Anyway, back to the point.
Opposing studio is not closing.
“The owner just lost interest” is the word on the street.  I am curious to hear the real reason and
discuss over many more breakfasts.


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