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Dance her-story August 28, 2011

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Before any of you think we are studio jumpers, let me give you a little history of
LuLu’s dance journey.  She began at the tender age of two at a studio where the teenaged teachers would discuss their
weekend dates over our kiddo’s heads.  Mommy was pretty concerned when her two year old was telling me what
Miss Point-Your-Toes did over the weekend instead of what she learned in class (come to find out, “Dime and Nickel-toes studio owner was one of these teens discussing who she kissed over my two year old’s head so many years ago.)  After a year of dealing with this, a new
studio in town opened, so I carted my three year old over to the year old studio in town that everyone seemed to love.
Fast forward four years of not moving forward, yet another new studio opened up in town, “Dime and Nickel-toes.”
The studio owner had a strict “no dual studio” policy because of the other two studios in town, and of course me, the rebel, broke all the rules and
took my lovely daughter to “the big city” for ballroom lessons.  Little did I know LuLu’s loyalties would fall with the ballroom studio and the rest would be her-story.


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