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Nickel and dime August 28, 2011

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Have you ever belonged to something that you just felt
“nickel and dimed” you at every turn?
Last year, we were at a studio that did just that (and news flash—this
studio seems to be taking notes from Abby Lee Miller’s—one of the instructors
is rumored to be yelling at the students like a banchee every chance she
gets.  Not good for business,

Every month we were writing checks, in addition to monthly
tuition.  Not costume fees, or anything
you would expect, but for weird stuff that just made you raise your
eyebrows.  And the entire month of
January, classes were missed, as well as December.  We were still expected to pay full
tuition!  At the beginning of February, I
had to write a check for not only that month, but the full month prior that we
did not attend any classes, cancelled by the owner due to horrid icy
weather.  “I won’t charge you a late fee
this time.”  What?  I couldn’t get out of my driveway ¾ of the
month.  Damn straight you’re not
“charging me a late fee.”

By the time we left that studio, I felt as if I should have
given the owner a pad of my checks, all signed, just for her to write to
herself.  Ok, naysayers, let me have
it.  It was my fault, we stayed in it
anyway, blah blah blah.  We all know what
they say opinions are like…please try not to be one commenting on my blog.


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