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Domestic Goddess… September 5, 2011

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My domestic goddess is about to burst out.  My daughter the ballroom dancer is going to begin competing.  As in, serious, big girl, get-your-name-out-there Pro-Am comps.  Thesee comps are pricey enough as it is without adding a professionally custom-made ball gown to the mix of expenses…so that is where her creative momma comes in.

I have sewn for years and do crafty things all the time, but this is a whole new ball game.  I’ll be using lycra, chiffon, and all sorts of other materials I have never sewn with before.  Also there are some guidelines I have to follow and some new terminology I have to learn.  Will she be closed syllabus or open?  What types of embellishments can she have on her dress for her age category?  (She will almost be 10 when we go to New York for competition.)

At this stage of planning, I am just shopping around for patterns.  So far I like the kwik sew pattern 3836, just a basic leotard with a skirt that might be acceptable for comps, if the neckline will work.  McCalls 5136 looks easy enough for latin dances.  This will be a sight to behold.

In addition to this learning curve, will a surger be used or just a machine?  Will I need to stretch the fabric as I go?  Anyone know any other mommas who make their little dancer’s dresses?  Anyone out there with this kind of experience?  Any advice will be helpful!

Wish me luck on this journey, and I will post pics along the way to show my progress!


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