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Failing as a parent September 5, 2011

Filed under: Busy Mom-isms — dancemomma @ 3:57 pm

Ahhhh a holdiay.

No school.  No dance.

We are lazing our day away on the couch, watching Rachel Ray on daytime television (my guilty pleasure I never get to indulge in) getting ready to have a Dance Moms marathon (what else?) and little Lu Lu says she is getting hungry.

Not feeling like cooking, since a trip to Kroger is unaviodable within the next few days (“all we have are ingredients Mom!”) I find a DiGoirno mini pizza lonely in the fridge, begging to be eaten.

So I take a peek at the cooking instructions and I see you can put it in the oven (I thought all of these personal pan foods had to be “fixed” in the microwave!)  When I say, “Lu, it’s going to take about 23 minutes…will you waste away during that time?”  I get an enthusiastic whoop.

“It’s going in the oven and not the microwave?  Sweet!”

THIS is what my busy life has become.  Ahhhh the little things.

Lord help me.


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