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The problem with pedicures… September 5, 2011

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For her birthday, LuLu recieved a certificate for a pedicure.  It was a grand event when we cashed it in.  She giggled when her calluses were scrubbed off her feet, she relaxed when her feet were submerged in the bubbly warm water, and was pleased as punch when she got her OPI crackle polish on her little piggies.  Wait…wait…I heard someone gasp.  Yes…the calluses were scrubbed off her feet.

I know.  I freaked out too.

Being a normal person, you just want smooth feet.  Calluses are unattractive and you just don’t want to rub a foot on someone else’s leg with crusty feet, or be seen with white ashy grossness on your heels.  BUT, to a dancer, calluses are a part of your world.  They protect the tender skin of the bottoms of your feet from the harshness of the friction of the dance shoes.  Without calluses, I have a whiney, crying girl rushing off the dance floor three hours into lessons begging to leave because her feet are bleeding.

So a word to the wise for all you dance moms out there.  Pedicures are great for you, and your daughter may beg to be queen for a day, to sit on the throne that is the pedicure chair… But watch those calluses!

You don’t hear a kid every day say, “Mom, tell them to leave my calluses alone next time I get a pedicure.”

Lesson learned.


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