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Do I smell…Doritos? September 7, 2011

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Onward to the studio!  Another night, and a piece of advice.  When you have been wearing rain boots all day, your feet will smell.

Upon driving this evening, my daughter was in the back seat.  I knew we needed to get gas therefore would be running slightly behind, so I instructed her to go ahead and begin the mummification process of her feet.  This involves wrapping her toes, ankles, and bridge in moleskin or bandaids.  About two minutes after her shoes were off, the car began to smell overwhelmingly like Doritos.

“What are you eating?”  I asked, because I didn’t hear a bag crinkle.

“Nothing, mom. I’m putting my bandaids on.”

Ohhhhh-Emmmmm-Geeeeee.  It twas her feet.  So now, the suede of her ballroom shoes, along with her dance bag, reeks of Doritos.  Which means the inside of my car will as well.

The trials and tribs of being a dance mom.


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