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Posted at the studio… September 8, 2011

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As written before, we are at dance this rainy evening.  The weather here in KY changed from 99 degrees to 66 degrees over the weekend, which makes for dreary days and cold nights.  The kiddo began her evening with West Coast Swing with her hands in her pockets, currently is dancing Foxtrot, and will end her evening with a 45 minute Rumba.  My station is the cream leather couch in the lobby where I can watch her as I clack away on the keys.

So far, she has been dancing for 1.5 hours.  She hasn’t even put on her dance shoes for a couple weeks, I am afraid of bleeding feet and blisters at the end of the evening.  I’m a proud momma tonight…she has been volunteering to be the guinea pig with the instructors for all the classes, something she rarely does.  I think she is happy to be back at the studio.

I’m happy she’s happy.  A familiar place, with familiar faces…even though I’m not a dancer, it feels nice to be back after the hiatis we have taken.

Back for more tomorrow.


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