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Neck and Head Positioning September 19, 2011

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The rain is coming down and it is a balmy 51 degrees in Lexington. My father and I sit at Arthur Murray Dance Studio watching Lulu during her one hour lesson with her instructor. He periodically lifts her head, tilts it back, and they begin to Tango after this brief correction. Her head and his turn from front to center as their feet move on time to the beat of the music.

I would already be on the floor tripped over his polished shoes.

How this child can be so coordinate is beyond me. Her snappy head movements correlate with her feet, which is in perfect sync with the beat of the music. In addition to this, her arms are in whatever open closed (I’m clueless) form as they should be, an she is keeping her posture erect, which is not he usual slouchy nine-year-old frame.

This child becomes magical on the dance floor, and I am in complete awe of her.


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