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This blog is not about YOU. (In light of recent events.) September 25, 2011

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Or anyone you know or think you know. Just because you know someone who is a Dance/Basketball/Football/Pageant/Baseball/Any other sport mom or dad, it’s not about them. I know hundreds of sports parents, and when I write, I might *depict* charactaristics of the generalized categorization of that tyep of person, but I do not write about “real” people. Any author does this. And when I say I *work* with a person…one must remember, that if you know me, I have about seven different facilities I moonlight at any given day. So for those of you who think I am writing about you or someone you know, you’re wrong. Know what they say about making assumptions, right?

The purpose of this post is that a fellow dance mom blogger removed her site. I’m guessing someone at her studio caught on to her blog and made ASSumptions that all the sarcastic posts were a depiction of them, so was ordered to remove them or else social damnation would ensue. Recently, something a bit similar happened…someone at one of the many facilities I work in read my blog, and because there was a sports parent who also worked at the facility, and that was the only one they knew of that kind, they ASSumed that was the only sports parent of that type I knew as well, so I MUST have been writing about that person.

The record has not been set straight, and I probably will not bother. One Problogger on Twitter quoted something the other day that rang very true to me: Something at any given time that one posts online is apt to offend someone. So this is the extent I will “worry” about it. A short, simple post to let all my readers know that 1) I am not writing about you unless you want me to, 2) if I am spending time writing about you, count yourself lucky, because I’m thinking about you, and 3) If I am discussing you in a negative light, you probably deserve it, and the First Amendment and Intellectual property and my attorney all say that as long as your name isn’t used, all’s fair in love and war.


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