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As Promised: My First Guest Poster- Rumba September 28, 2011

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This post was written by my nine year old daughter Lulu, who has been ballroom dancing for a couple years now.  This post is mostly unedited (well, spellcheck) so you could enjoy her point of view as a dancer of Rumba.


Hello I am the guest blogger.  First I would like to lay down the tracks of saying I am a ballroom dancer and I am going to be writing about Rumba from  anine year olds point of view.  Why I am writing about it from a nine year olds point of view is because I am nine.  When I am asked to define the word Rumba I would say rumba is a Latin dance and it is a basic dance that you learn first or second from your instructor.  If I
could rate the Rumba on a scale of one to ten I would say for the umpteenth time probably about a four.  I think that people think I am special in a way of thinking ‘’ Oh she’s so special and fancy because she dances. I guess we have to treat her like a princess!’’  Why I can’t really stand this is because really it’s kind of annoying because they think your fancy but I can’t help but not brag because there is just too much to think about with fourth grade homework and having fun with and just going with the flow and being your normal  self with your friends.

Now I must say that learning Rumba for the first time is kind of scary because you’re one on one with your partner and you just get butterflies in your stomach and you feel like you’re going to lose your stomach like you’re on a rollercoaster ride and you just can’t take the rollercoaster anymore and you just want to sort of relax but you can’t. The second time doing Rumba is really cool because you think you know it but you’re still a bit nervous.

My first time dancing Rumba was at Bluegrass Dance Center.  My second time dancing Rumba was at Arthur Murray Lexington in Winter White
Extravaganza and I felt so confident and I smiled at the judge so hard I couldn’t smile for about an hour!  In the end I ended up doing very well and moving up in dance.  My third time doing Rumba was also at Arthur Murray Lexington for the Medal Ball. I was again very, very nervous.  My fourth time doing Rumba was actually very calm because I did very well and knew the dance very well!   But I cannot take all the credit because I have to give 60% to my instructor and I have to take 40% because I refuse to take any more credit if there is a hundred percent I get 40% and he gets 60%. I love to dance and I think Rumba is my fourth favorite dance!

Well I think that I’ve covered great ground so far and I think that Rumba is a great Latin dance but really I think the most passionate Latin dance is really Salsa because you follow your partner exactly and you’re right in rhythm with them.   Before I drone on and on and on going into how I’m getting off subject I must say, Adue!!!


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