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Yesterday’s deal of the day in Lexington… October 25, 2011

Yesterday LivingSocial, one of the group coupon sites, ran a special at Kentucky Dancesport for one month of unlimited Zumba, Turbokick, or PiYo.  They also offered two free ballroom or latin private lessons with this deal.  When did Dancesport come to Lexington?  Well, because curiousity usually kills my checkbook, I decided to purchase the PiYo deal just beccause I want to see what it’s all about, and I saw that one of the students at my daughter’s studio is teaching there.

Now, I know there is a huge difference between “social dance” where my daughter learns, and the sanctioned DanceSport organization.  The term “dancesport” traditionally applies to international style of ballroom or Latin dance only, and limits choreography.  This is the olympic style of ballroom and Latin dance.  So I must check this out.

No worries…my daughter will be staying at her current studio.  We are VERY happy there, and I am committed financially until the end of time.  But…it never hurts to be nosy and check things out!


Bored, so I found an interview! October 20, 2011

I’m obsessed!  OK!  I admit it!  At least I know I have a problem.

I found a blog…that had an interview with Christie of Dance Moms, talking about the show and her daughter!  The blog I found is called Anut Joyce’s Ice Cream Stand and the author highlights different sports events across the US.  Honestly I didn’t get to delve into her blog as much as i would have liked, but nonetheless, here’s the link to the interview.

I LOVE this stuff!!!


This evening I sit at the studio… October 19, 2011

Stationed at the studio as the kiddo practices West Coast Swing, Foxtrot, and Swing.  Three group lessons tonight.  She has a private lesson scheduled finally after a couple weeks hiatis due to needing new dance shoes and having to wait for the new ones to come in.  It is not easy to find “her” dance shoes, and luckily, I found a pair on eBay, the right size and fit, for ONLY $25!!!  The last pair she had of this brand was $125.  She was able to wear them for eight months, but still…  Glad to find some never worn on eBay.

On the way up my daughter’s imagination went wild with new ideas for the next showcase and routines to do.  She is prepared to do a Rumba to the song she did Rumba to over a year ago at her first showcase, so she can compare the difference a year has made.  I’m sure she will be shocked, because let me tell you, the year has been good to her as far as improvement in her dancing is concerned.

So some gossip!  DANCE MOMS.  The show on Lifetime.  Rumors are all over the blogosphere and forums about season 2 and casting that is being done in Miami for a different dance mom’s show, also on Lifetime.  This drama was such a hit it seems that they are turning it into the new “Housewives” franchise!  Apparently the studio in Miami touts some of the best dancers in America, and is open to new dancers who “make the cut” to join their group, only if they commit to moving to Miami, joining the studio, and traveling for eight weeks.  In addition to this, other studios all over the place are being contacted for either more shows, or maybe to show a little bit of the humanity of the competitors of the now famous Maddie, Chloe, and company.  Who knows what these producers are doing, but there are leaks all over many many dance forums right now, all with different theories and rumors.  I love the anticipation!  I’m just happy mine is in love with ballroom dance these days instead of the blood sweat and tears of mainstream dance.

Although I am no Perez Hilton, I will try to bring you guys more gossip regarding Dance Moms as I “hear” it!  I mean, what else am I going to do while I sit for hours on end at the studio?


As much as I complain… October 8, 2011

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About sitting at the studio doing nothing but blogging while the kiddo dances, I have to say that I love watching her dance.  How many nine-year old children get to strut their stuff and show off thier knowledge in a room full of adults on a regular basis?  Talk about self-esteem boosters…  I get to see how this affects her every day.  She has no qualms speaking to adults, even those she has never met, she has no personal space issues, and shyness is such a foreign concept that she may only know the factual definition of.  So yeah, I’m using this post as a form of braggery about my kid…but who could blame me.  At dance, she just shines, and it spills into every other facet of her life.  Proud momma here!


Abby Lee Miller on Dancing with the Stars?

Here’s the new rumor circulating hte blogosphere…Abby Lee Miller on the next season of DWTS?  Couldn’t be any worse than the Kardashians.


Dance Mom’s Season Finale Recap October 7, 2011

This is a spoiler!!!  This is a spoiler link!  Lulu and I have been obsessed with watching this show.  I know.  Shameless.  I can’t help it, it’s my guilty pleasure.  These dance moms are nuts and Abby Lee Miller just feeds into the insanity.  If you’re dying to know what happened, enjoy this link!


If the shoe fits…

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Oh my goodness.  Those shoes I was so excited to find on ebay?  They do not fit!!!  So frustrated!  They are exactly the same size as her old pair that have gotten too small.   The good news?  If I decide to take lessons, I have a pair.  Something I might explore in the near future.  Stay tuned!