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Ebay and Ballroom October 2, 2011

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Ballroom can be very expensive.  Very.  I’m not talking just a few bucks.  No, like, peope-put-a-second-mortgage-on-their-house expensive.  In my quest to be as “frugal” as possible, I decided to utilize ebay to combat the potential dent in my bak account.  Lulu likes a certain brand of dance shoe, which are $115 a pop.  A simple ebay search of the brand and size she needed produced ONE pair…for $30 with shipping!  They were mine five minutes after finding them.

The next accessory Lulu has been asking for is hair tinsel.  There was this big idea to place it around her head in one inch intervals and put the hair ina bun to add a little sparkle.  Great idea, only the tinsel around here is $15 per strand, which would equate to way more than I want to spend on a hair accessory that as soon as one of her friends dulbbed it as lame, it would have to go.  So again, ebay to the rescue.  I was able to find 240 strands of tinsel, a kit to put it in, extra beads, and 14 feather hair accessories…all for again, $30.

If you are in the dance biz, give ebay a try before you drop loads of dollars for retail.  No need for it when there are people getting rid of neever used items and factories in china that produce salon products for pennies on the dollar!



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