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As much as I complain… October 8, 2011

Filed under: Ballroom 101- General,Ballroom Technique — dancemomma @ 1:51 am

About sitting at the studio doing nothing but blogging while the kiddo dances, I have to say that I love watching her dance.  How many nine-year old children get to strut their stuff and show off thier knowledge in a room full of adults on a regular basis?  Talk about self-esteem boosters…  I get to see how this affects her every day.  She has no qualms speaking to adults, even those she has never met, she has no personal space issues, and shyness is such a foreign concept that she may only know the factual definition of.  So yeah, I’m using this post as a form of braggery about my kid…but who could blame me.  At dance, she just shines, and it spills into every other facet of her life.  Proud momma here!


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