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We didn’t try out the new studio after all… November 6, 2011

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Well, LuLu was going to try out a children’s class at Kentucky Dancesport.  We had only an “appointment” to simply observe a private lesson with another youth that attends the studio and the owner.  Story of my life, I got called into work.  Sigh.  So I attempted to call the studio to reschedule for another day, to at least let them know she wouldn’t be there.  So much for trying to be proactive and polite.  I called at 3pm…then 3:30…then 4…4:30…5…5:30…6…  The phone at the studio rang and rang and rang.  No one ever answered.  I checked and double checked that I had the right number, yet there was not an error in my dialing.  No one ever answered the phone!  There was no answering machine that ever picked up!  Maybe I should take this as a sign that no changes need to be made right now, that things are hectic enough in our lives, that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


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