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Oh to be nine again… November 13, 2011

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The drama that is encapsuling my home today:  there’s a birthday party in the near future and not everyone was invited.  This has started world war three amongst a group of girls that the kid hangs with.  In the day and age of cell phones and facebook abound, the kids are texting each other like mad trying to resolve the drama before Monday morning when they all have to look at each other in class.  Before I get lectured, yes, my child has a cell phone, as do nearly all her other friends.  Those that do not have their own use their parents to text their friends.  To each their own, you can’t please everyone.

This drama is just so comical to me, because right now this topic is their whole world.  How nice it would be to once again have these types of things as your only worries.  Oh to be nine again…


One Response to “Oh to be nine again…”

  1. Eternity Says:

    That’s really thikning out of the box. Thanks!

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