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@OrangeleafKY Really…A tip jar?!? November 13, 2011

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So LuLu and I just left our local Orange Leaf, and I left not only with delicious froyo, but a chip on my shoulder.  Let me first say that their stuff is great.  I always get a mix of coconut and pineapple with the little pineapple juice balls (whatever they are) and coconut shavings.  LuLu is adventurous and gets something different every time.  Guess I’m just old and set in my ways.

No complaints about my froyo, BUT,  of the sense of entitlement that hangs in the air of the place–upon checkout.  Ever been to an Orange Leaf?  Brilliant concept for the owners.  All froyo is self serve, all toppings are on a little island, where you put them on yourself (yes, I do think the is about the same as a buffet…ya know, people touch the spoons without washing their hands after using the bathroom and all that…if you know me you are aware of how this eeks me out!)  You take your finished item to the cashiers and they simply press the total button after your item(s) are weighed.  They take your payment and voila, the froyo is yours to enjoy.  I want to purchase a franchise.  Low overhead.  Minimal training.  So what’s my beef?

The cashiers have a “TIP JAR” set out in front of the registers!  Yes, you read that correctly.  A TIP JAR.  For what?  I did all the work.  Me.  I filled my bowl, topped my froyo, walked it up to the register, collected my own spoon and napkin.  And “tips are welcome.”  Really?

Where’s MY tip?  The premise of tipping in our country is the concept of “paying for an individualized service.”  There is no service provided to me when I walk into an Orange Leaf or other like establishment.  Their level of service in the establishment reflected my level of tipping.  Nill plus a blog post later spotlighting my displeasure of being faced with the moral obligation of a “tip jar” upon check out.  (If someone wants to argue that the service provided to me was that there was someone there to collect my money, or that the condiment bar was stocked, there is a rebuttle for that as well.  Employees that are hired must be paid to do something by the employer, correct?)

And just a side note…I am not mean or stingy.  If I eat somewhere and the service is exceptional, I will plunk down an excellect tip to match the service.  There is a local restaurant I frequent, and the servers know that when they see myself and friends come in, they will recieve a great tip for their hassles.  This is why seeing this “tips welcome” sign was borderline insulting for those who fully understand the concept of tipping and value the philosphy behind it.


2 Responses to “@OrangeleafKY Really…A tip jar?!?”

  1. Evan Morris Says:

    I’m Evan, one of the owners of Orange Leaf. I saw your tweet and wanted to comment on your blog. First of all, thank you for supporting us. I wanted to give you the background info on the tip cup.

    When we first opened OL we didn’t have a tip cup. We didn’t think that anyone would want to tip on a self-serve froyo concept. But we were inundated with people asking where to put tips. Mostly change from their orders. So we just grabbed a cup and let people put their change in there. We chose not to ever ask anyone for a tip or put a tip line on the credit card receipt. It’s purely there if you felt like you received good service or want to support our employees in any way.

    I’m sorry that it left a chip on your shoulder because that is never our intention. But please don’t ever feel pressured to tip. That’s also not our intention.

    • dancemomma Says:

      Thanks for clearing that up. The tip jar in no way will affect my coming back (I can’t get enough,) it’s just my personal feeling about any establishment that has a tip jar when little to no personal service is provided (GiGi’s got a similar post when they asked me how much of a tip I wanted to add to my to go order after a dozen cupcakes were simply placed into a box.) Great business concept you guys have there, and kudos to your employees.

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