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Friends always ask about my days… November 21, 2011

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AKA How do you do it all?

Not an easy feat.

Here is a breakdown of a typical workday when Lulu has a date with the studio:

Wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like P. Diddy. (Ha ha!)

Shower, hair, make-up, wake up Lulu.

Get her ready, fix lunches, take her to school, commute 45 minutes to work.

Work hard all day until 5.

Drive one hour to get her, drive 45 more minutes after I get her to the studio.

Spend a couple hours sitting at the studio while she dances, usually writing blog posts or doing NaNoWriMo (in November.)

Drive 45 minutes home, get ready for bed, mak sure the alarms are set, and get ready to do it all again the next day!

So that’s how I “do it all.”  There’s still the question of when I go to the grocery store (not too often these days- no time!)   When do I go shopping?  (Hardly ever.)  When do I hang with my friends?  (Rare occasions.)  When do I write?   (The studio, on Sundays, on my lunch break at work, or at night if I’m not too tired after the day is done.)

Anyone else have a super-hectic life as well?


4 Responses to “Friends always ask about my days…”

  1. lorenzo Says:

    just drop her off at dance. you’ll have two hours to yourself dummy.

    • dancemomma Says:

      Hmmmm good point, but 1) The studio is not my babysitter, and 2) There is a constant influx of new adults in and out. Pedophiles might like to ballroom dance as well. As a responsible parent, I will not leave my child unattended in a world of unfamiliar adults. Not sure if anyone has ever called you to the carpet on this, lorenzo, but calling a fellow blogger “dummy” in a post comment is pretty rude. Thanks.

  2. lorenzo Says:

    Maybe I misread the age of your child. my apologies.

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