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Hurts so good. November 21, 2011

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Turkey Trot 2011 is not only still fresh on my mind, but is remembered with every step, sneeze, and breath I take.  Walking down a staircase is no longer an easy feat.  Having slept a couple nights since the race has helped, but the muscles in my abdomen and quads continue to scream at me.   “Whyyyyyyyyyy did you run without training?  Never do that again!”  However, this has helped to motivate me to go to the gym on a regular basis from now on…mostly on the weekends when life is not crazy (see yesterday’s post) and to not eat a ton of foods that do not do my body good.

I did have an excellent idea at te awards ceremony from the race.  There are multiple age groups including ones for younger children.  I think that once the weather gets more tolerable, Lulu will be running 5K’s with me.  It will serve as a little more dicipline, exercise, and some self-esteem for winning trophies.  (Because really, I was shocked and my face was red when my name was called for 2nd place in my age group.)

Anyone else out there competing in fall/winter 5K’s?  Anyone getting their kids involved?


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