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The Nerd Party December 3, 2011

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This Friday night’s theme is “Revenge of the Nerds” at the studio.  Lulu loves these theme parties because every Friday night is Halloween for her.  Tonight she has on different patterned knee socks, thick glasses frames with hospital tape in the middle, hair is crazy, and she has a “Kick Me” sign on her back.  She’s having a blast, Cha cha, Rumba-ing, Hustle-ing, and plain old partying in general.  During her private lesson, I have gotten comfortable enough to run to Kroger across the street for a few things I needed, but only for a few minutes.  And only during her private lesson.  It’s difficult to watch her dance during her private anyway, because she and her instructor are usually in a place the mirror won’t catch them in the studio away from the group lesson.

Of course, I sit in my spot on the couch quietly observing the patrons here all dressed up in their “nerd” attire.  even through I’m not dressed up, I unfortunatly feel like I am dressed like them, having come straight from work to pick the kiddo up.  Time for a makeover!

This months lineup looks like a fun time for the kid.  Next week is the “Superhero party,” then comes the Christmas Ball.  Should be a fun month of dressing up!  Goal of the week:  find a decent “Superhero” for her to model.  I am not very well versed in superhero stuff, so Google will be my friend this week!



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