Dance Momma Drama!

The ups and downs and misadventures of a crazy dance mom

About Dance Momma Drama… August 23, 2011

Have you seen Dance Mom’s on Lifetime? Well, this blog is not about them (well, a few posts here and there.)  I have been a proud dance momma for almost eight years now, cheering on my little dancer, dealing with crazy back stage costume changes, putting on makeup and false eyelashes, encouraging and building self esteem. Six years of my daughter’s dance “career” was spent in ballet, tap, jazz, and musical theater, but for the last two years she has fallen in love with ballroom and Latin dance. Prior to leaving her old studio, she was given the choice of  to continuing “traditional” dance, or completely transition to ballroom, leaving group classes of her peers behind to dance with folks much older than herself. She chose the latter, and has never regretted the decision or looked back.  I think “we” have found our dance “home” and couldn’t be happier.

So welcome along our journey, learning ballroom and latin from the ground up, and dealing with all the “dance momma drama” that comes along with it, and finding time for life in between the rigors of a full time job, school, and studio life.


5 Responses to “About Dance Momma Drama…”

  1. andrea preiado Says:

    hi came about your tumblr by searching for cha cha cha. i myself im a ballroom dancer. id like to get to know you and your kids story about dancing in on tumbr as morticia_cj

  2. Lisa Says:

    That’s more than sensblie! That’s a great post!

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