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@taylorswift13 My nine year old’s Rumba routine to #speaknow is underway! November 14, 2011

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Last year for Winter White, LuLu experienced her first ballroom exhibition. She only performed the Rumba with her instructor, to her favorite Taylor Swift hit, Speak Now. Winter White Ball is coming around again. With a year of dance at the studio under her belt, she plans on performing a Rumba routine to Speak Now once again, so that she may compare her progress more than a year later in Latin dance. I’m pretty excited about watching this routine. It will be amazing to see how much she has learned over the year on display.

So I tweeted this @Taylorswift13 because 1. My none year old worships her and wants to do all her ballroom and Latin routines to her music. 2. I’m tired of hearing people complain how she wins “Entertainer of the year” and other awards. How does she? Listen to her music. There is no raunchiness involved, she has little to no scandal surrounding her empire, and her songs are original, written by a young girl. There is no “trying to be someone you’re not” there. I have to say, she’s one of the VERY few artists I will allow my nine year old, very impressionable young girl to listen to. So Taylor Swift, thank you, from all the concerned moms out there, for realizing that the world always isn’t a “sex sells” environment and that young kids are listening and following your example. Its very disappointing when someone that kids look up to sells out and becomes the kids of person you pray your child never becomes (ie the maturing of Miley Cyrus.)

For those of you out there who know us in “real life,” stay tuned…the vids will be posted so you can see the progress. I know you’ll all be impressed!


As much as I complain… October 8, 2011

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About sitting at the studio doing nothing but blogging while the kiddo dances, I have to say that I love watching her dance.  How many nine-year old children get to strut their stuff and show off thier knowledge in a room full of adults on a regular basis?  Talk about self-esteem boosters…  I get to see how this affects her every day.  She has no qualms speaking to adults, even those she has never met, she has no personal space issues, and shyness is such a foreign concept that she may only know the factual definition of.  So yeah, I’m using this post as a form of braggery about my kid…but who could blame me.  At dance, she just shines, and it spills into every other facet of her life.  Proud momma here!


Neck and Head Positioning September 19, 2011

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The rain is coming down and it is a balmy 51 degrees in Lexington. My father and I sit at Arthur Murray Dance Studio watching Lulu during her one hour lesson with her instructor. He periodically lifts her head, tilts it back, and they begin to Tango after this brief correction. Her head and his turn from front to center as their feet move on time to the beat of the music.

I would already be on the floor tripped over his polished shoes.

How this child can be so coordinate is beyond me. Her snappy head movements correlate with her feet, which is in perfect sync with the beat of the music. In addition to this, her arms are in whatever open closed (I’m clueless) form as they should be, an she is keeping her posture erect, which is not he usual slouchy nine-year-old frame.

This child becomes magical on the dance floor, and I am in complete awe of her.