Dance Momma Drama!

The ups and downs and misadventures of a crazy dance mom

The only reason for mastering technique is to make sure the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself. September 10, 2011

Time to get the nose back to the grindstone and get on those private lessons. Next week, there are two private lessons to be had that we scheduled after all the dancing fun, after which she fell asleep with her cheek pressed against the cool car window on the way home. She exhausted herself dancing for THREE hours. There were no blisters last night, although she refused to wear any bandaids, coban, or moleskin on her feet. I feel like this was nothing short of a miracle! Anyhoo, she made the decision last night to sit out the Bolero and V. Waltz, stating “I need to brush up on them before I do them with a partner.” It also didn’t help that every person who knew the Bolero paired up with someone last night…not too many folks can do that dance and they forget the little nine year old at the studio can do it. She had a blast dancing with her “dance gramps,” three older gentlemen who she loves partnering with because they know what they are doing, do not dance with her as if she is nine, and are confident in her abilities to follow their leads. That is one problem that she does have being such a young dancer…no one expects her to know as many dances as she does, no one expects her to be as “good” as she is already, and maybe some older gentlemen are uncomfortable “touching” such a young girl as they must in the ballroom setting. I watch…I know that the men she partners with are not pedophiles. Well, I don’t know for sure, but I keep a hawk eye out, and I know that some of the others watch out for her as well, especially when there is a newcomer at the studio.

Switching gears, last night as I watched her from my spot on the cream leather couch, I parused some dance forums. Dance moms. That trainwreck on Lifetime? Imagine that they don’t show everything that goes on just to make things more dramatic. remember episode before last when Maddie was the “only” one qualified for the pageant? Found out from folks who were at that comp that ALL titled dancers from a studio are inthe pageants, and at that particular competition, Maddie, Chloe, AND Brooke were in it, and they only showed Maddie winning, but the other girls won as well…in their catagories! One poster on the forum said that she was sitting behind the “dance moms” and they were saying that some drama needed to erupt to make it more interesting. WOW. Talk about staged. It’s interesting to read the dance mom forums (which were around a long time- years- before this Lifetime mess came about) about what these competition moms think about the show. A lot of the women on this particular forum are from PA, know Abby Lee Miller, and some know the “Dance Moms” because their kids attend the studio. It seems like a huge mess.

I know i’m all over the place this morning, but another update. The dancer is now a writer (has been for a while) and is updating her blog now semi-regualrly, or so she says. The web addy is The description is in the address. She is an avid reader (brag: she scored a 998/1000 on her Standardized Reading Inventory exam) and is almost done with “Little Women.” Next she is moving on to “Oliver Twist” and “Emma.” She wanted to read Tolstoy and “To Kill A Mockingbird” but I think they are a bit above her maturity level. Here is a huge complaint about her reading these books: Accelerated Reader. I don’t know if it is just a Kentucky thing, but the AR program is huge in elementary schools here. I can see where the program is a good thing sometimes, but for children like mine, it is detremental. She wants to read higher level books, those that kids in English 101 in college have not read. That’s fine. But in AR, they put a time frame on the reading, which makes Lulu feel that she has to read a bunch of low level point value books to make her AR point goal. This takes away from time she could be spending reading “valuable” books, classics, that she will be questioned about in middle, high school, and beyond. This is just one of the MANY rants ihave regarding public schools in this state. If you follow this blog, you’ll get an earfull about that. Afterschooling is the answer to most of my complaints, until I can find an appropriate balance between work, dance, and everything else to be in a place where she can be tutored privately and homeschooled full time.

OK, that is all for now!