Dance Momma Drama!

The ups and downs and misadventures of a crazy dance mom

Disclaimer to narcissists. September 29, 2011

Hey you, who do you think you are? Do you think I have time to write about your ridiculous behavior? No. I do not. So, this blog is a depiction and fictionalization of real people I come across (except for interviews, of course,) and situations I deal with in the dance world. So nope, I didn’t write about you.

Why must I have a disclaimer, you might ask? Because “real life” folks tend to get upset if they *think* something has been written about them. People draw their own conclusions about things and some of them are pretty narcissistic. So if you only know one dance, softball, baseball, basketball, football, pageant, other sports mom, and I have written a generalization about that sect, I did not write about the person you know. Is that clear enough?

Also, since people are for the most part “Negative Nellies,” I will go further to say that writing about the dance of my daughter (or is this really about a son?  Is it ballroom “she” does, or is it another type of competition dance?) is not exploitation.  If you read the blog, you’ll see that it’s not ALL about dance.  So people, get off your soapbox.  Sticks and stones.


One Response to “Disclaimer to narcissists.”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    Now I know who the bariny one is, I’ll keep looking for your posts.

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