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Turkey Trot 11/19/2011: I won a trophy! November 19, 2011

It’s my blog and I’ll brag if I want to! Sparky (the boyfriend) and I ran the Turkey Trot 5K this morning. I did this with NO TRAINING. My first race in two years, ran cold with no training, no couch to 5K, nothing. In fact, I’ve gained 30 pounds in the last year. However, I wound up walking away with a small trophy for 2nd place in my age group. Whoo Hoo!



Tired is the new pretty.

Oh the things kids say to boost your self esteem. Lulu an I were going to dinner, I was stressed because I had been stuck in traffic on the way home, and had been at work for a solid workday in a new position. We passed a window and out loud I remarked, “Shew, I look tired.”

“Oh momma, don’t worry about it. Tired is the new pretty.”

I love my daughter so much.


@taylorswift13 My nine year old’s Rumba routine to #speaknow is underway! November 14, 2011

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Last year for Winter White, LuLu experienced her first ballroom exhibition. She only performed the Rumba with her instructor, to her favorite Taylor Swift hit, Speak Now. Winter White Ball is coming around again. With a year of dance at the studio under her belt, she plans on performing a Rumba routine to Speak Now once again, so that she may compare her progress more than a year later in Latin dance. I’m pretty excited about watching this routine. It will be amazing to see how much she has learned over the year on display.

So I tweeted this @Taylorswift13 because 1. My none year old worships her and wants to do all her ballroom and Latin routines to her music. 2. I’m tired of hearing people complain how she wins “Entertainer of the year” and other awards. How does she? Listen to her music. There is no raunchiness involved, she has little to no scandal surrounding her empire, and her songs are original, written by a young girl. There is no “trying to be someone you’re not” there. I have to say, she’s one of the VERY few artists I will allow my nine year old, very impressionable young girl to listen to. So Taylor Swift, thank you, from all the concerned moms out there, for realizing that the world always isn’t a “sex sells” environment and that young kids are listening and following your example. Its very disappointing when someone that kids look up to sells out and becomes the kids of person you pray your child never becomes (ie the maturing of Miley Cyrus.)

For those of you out there who know us in “real life,” stay tuned…the vids will be posted so you can see the progress. I know you’ll all be impressed!


Oh to be nine again… November 13, 2011

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The drama that is encapsuling my home today:  there’s a birthday party in the near future and not everyone was invited.  This has started world war three amongst a group of girls that the kid hangs with.  In the day and age of cell phones and facebook abound, the kids are texting each other like mad trying to resolve the drama before Monday morning when they all have to look at each other in class.  Before I get lectured, yes, my child has a cell phone, as do nearly all her other friends.  Those that do not have their own use their parents to text their friends.  To each their own, you can’t please everyone.

This drama is just so comical to me, because right now this topic is their whole world.  How nice it would be to once again have these types of things as your only worries.  Oh to be nine again…


Dance Moms Season 2: Filming under way!

Yes, I love watching this Lifetime “reality” show. If my daughter had nothing to do with dance, I would probably avoid it like I avoid the Housewives of (name the city) but since she loves her hobby, I indulge in this guilty pleasure.

As some of you know, I follow several message boards to get the inside scoop on what is going on in the “real” dance world. Well, at the end of October, the cast and crew were at the DTI comp in Greensboro, NC. According to some of the postings, the girs were gracious, Abby Lee Miller was professional, and the moms were there doing what dance moms in real life do…enjoy watching their kids do what they love. The editing for the show will of course portray them all in a different light, but that is TV for you!

According to some of the rumors, there are a couple new competitors in the ALDC. I will be looking forward to seeing what “drama” unfolds in the next season.


@OrangeleafKY Really…A tip jar?!?

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So LuLu and I just left our local Orange Leaf, and I left not only with delicious froyo, but a chip on my shoulder.  Let me first say that their stuff is great.  I always get a mix of coconut and pineapple with the little pineapple juice balls (whatever they are) and coconut shavings.  LuLu is adventurous and gets something different every time.  Guess I’m just old and set in my ways.

No complaints about my froyo, BUT,  of the sense of entitlement that hangs in the air of the place–upon checkout.  Ever been to an Orange Leaf?  Brilliant concept for the owners.  All froyo is self serve, all toppings are on a little island, where you put them on yourself (yes, I do think the is about the same as a buffet…ya know, people touch the spoons without washing their hands after using the bathroom and all that…if you know me you are aware of how this eeks me out!)  You take your finished item to the cashiers and they simply press the total button after your item(s) are weighed.  They take your payment and voila, the froyo is yours to enjoy.  I want to purchase a franchise.  Low overhead.  Minimal training.  So what’s my beef?

The cashiers have a “TIP JAR” set out in front of the registers!  Yes, you read that correctly.  A TIP JAR.  For what?  I did all the work.  Me.  I filled my bowl, topped my froyo, walked it up to the register, collected my own spoon and napkin.  And “tips are welcome.”  Really?

Where’s MY tip?  The premise of tipping in our country is the concept of “paying for an individualized service.”  There is no service provided to me when I walk into an Orange Leaf or other like establishment.  Their level of service in the establishment reflected my level of tipping.  Nill plus a blog post later spotlighting my displeasure of being faced with the moral obligation of a “tip jar” upon check out.  (If someone wants to argue that the service provided to me was that there was someone there to collect my money, or that the condiment bar was stocked, there is a rebuttle for that as well.  Employees that are hired must be paid to do something by the employer, correct?)

And just a side note…I am not mean or stingy.  If I eat somewhere and the service is exceptional, I will plunk down an excellect tip to match the service.  There is a local restaurant I frequent, and the servers know that when they see myself and friends come in, they will recieve a great tip for their hassles.  This is why seeing this “tips welcome” sign was borderline insulting for those who fully understand the concept of tipping and value the philosphy behind it.


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”–Steve Jobs

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Very good quote…shared with my daughter for her dancing, and living in general.  She had a bit of an issue this Friday, and had to learn a hard life lesson.

The studio was teaching a group lesson of “Lindy Hop.”  Dances like this that she is unfamiliar to her lower her condifence, and she wants to quit.  Normally, I make her continue on, but this last Friday, I was particularly tired and didn’t want to argue, so I told her, “if you quit, we leave and you don’t get to stay for the party.”  Honestly, threats like this are never followed through, so she continued to act whiney.  I made her sit down, remove her shoes, and we left.

Next time, she will heed my warning.